DLINK DWL-G650+ Sucks

晚上奮鬥了二個小時,還是搞不定 Dlink DWL-G650+ ,決定睡覺去.
用過了 ndiswrapper + 2.02/2.04 版的 Dlink Driver . 都會當,DLink 也沒有放 Linux Driver
acx100的 Driver Download 下來 compile 不成功

以後買網路卡,請記得先找有 Linux Support 的再買(或是 FreeBSD Support)

  1. you can try the “driverloader”, G650+ this wireless card using the TI chipset, so you can free to use driverloader utility, you don’t need compile the linux driver, just use the windows driver come with this wireless card and linux can enable wireless function with windows driver through the driverloader, enjoy!

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