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Linux Device Driver Kit

Greg K-H 公佈了 Linux Device Driver Kit
包含了以下的 Document

The Linux Kernel API
Unreliable Guide To Hacking The Linux Kernel
Unreliable Guide To Locking
Bus-Independent Device Accesses
The Linux-USB Host Side API
USB Gadget API for Linux
The Linux Journalling API
libATA Developer’s Guide
Reed-Solomon Library Programming Interface
Linux Security Modules: General Security Hooks for Linux
MCA Driver Programming Interface
MTD NAND Driver Programming Interface
Linux Kernel Procfs Guide
RapidIO Subsystem Guide
Video4Linux Programming
Synchronous PPP and Cisco HDLC Programming Guide

再加上 Linux kernel Source code 和 Linux Device Drivers 3rd

這分收集的文件非常的棒, 尤其像是我們是做 SoC 的, 幾乎各種 Device 都碰得到, 非常值得收集在 HDD 的 🙂
如果是初學 Device Driver 的人, 更是不可少呀.