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今天 Raid 0 有一顆 HDD offline 了, 所以要重建 Raid 0
我一直以來都是 ReiserFS 的愛用者, 不過在經過這麼久之後, 也應該換換口味了
有比較了一下, Linux 下有非常多 File System 可以用
ReisferFS 我用太久了. 想換新口未

目前看上的是 xfs

Debain 有針對 xfs, ext3, jfs 和 reiserfs 做比較

Filesystems (ext3, reiser, xfs, jfs) comparison on Debian Etch

答案是改用 XFS 吧, 原因如下

  • It uses the maximum capacity of your server hard disk(s)
  • It is the quickest FS to create, mount and unmount
  • It is the quickest FS for operations on large files (>500MB)
  • This FS gets a good second place for operations on a large number of small to moderate-size files and directories
  • It constitutes a good CPU vs time compromise for large directory listing or file search
  • It is not the least CPU demanding FS but its use of system ressources is quite acceptable for older generation hardware

我忘記是那一個 File System 不能用在 booting partition.

xfs 也有 resize tool , 這個很符合我的需求, 配合 LVM 增減 HDD 很好用.

Resizing and defragmenting Linux filesystems

這一篇也有介紹其他 Linux filesystem resize 的方法, 也是值得一看的.

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