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[Linux][Kerne][Tips] 在 minicom 下送出 SysRq

除了 Linux kernel 要加上 SysRq 的 Function 以外,
按 ctrl+a f 就是送出 break key.
這要配合 Command Key 使用

*  What are the 'command' keys?
'b'     - Will immediately reboot the system without syncing or unmounting
          your disks.

'c' - Will perform a kexec reboot in order to take a crashdump.

'd' - Shows all locks that are held.

'e'     - Send a SIGTERM to all processes, except for init.

'f' - Will call oom_kill to kill a memory hog process.

'g' - Used by kgdb on ppc and sh platforms.

'h'     - Will display help (actually any other key than those listed
          above will display help. but 'h' is easy to remember :-)

'i'     - Send a SIGKILL to all processes, except for init.

'k'     - Secure Access Key (SAK) Kills all programs on the current virtual
          console. NOTE: See important comments below in SAK section.

'm'     - Will dump current memory info to your console.

'n' - Used to make RT tasks nice-able

'o'     - Will shut your system off (if configured and supported).

'p'     - Will dump the current registers and flags to your console.

'q'     - Will dump a list of all running timers.

'r'     - Turns off keyboard raw mode and sets it to XLATE.

's'     - Will attempt to sync all mounted filesystems.

't'     - Will dump a list of current tasks and their information to your

'u'     - Will attempt to remount all mounted filesystems read-only.

'v' - Dumps Voyager SMP processor info to your console.

'w' - Dumps tasks that are in uninterruptable (blocked) state.

'x' - Used by xmon interface on ppc/powerpc platforms.

'0'-'9' - Sets the console log level, controlling which kernel messages
          will be printed to your console. ('0', for example would make
          it so that only emergency messages like PANICs or OOPSes would
          make it to your console.)

例如要 dump memory info,
就按 ctrl+a f m

SysRq 拿來對付不知名的 hang up 還算是有用的. 以上的列表不是每個平台都完全支援所有的 Command, 要試一下

   Linux kernel Documentation/sysrq.txt

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4 留言

  1. Max


    按了ctrl +a+f+b之後在android似乎沒有什麼動作呢
    另外 同樣透過terminal 按ctrl+enter之後 有出現DEBUG> 請問您知道這是什麼嗎

  2. Max

    不好意思 補充一下
    目前我有一個android的裝置,我會接著serial port開機看他吐message,請問可以透過這個方式下sysrq的command嗎


  3. papa

    我想請問一下 我有一台ANDROID系統,我想要使用COMPORT來控制一台GSM但事ANDROID只能使用APK檔的程式,請問有什麼終端機程式能介紹一下嗎?(我只會下AT-COMMAND)