Domain Name 轉移 …

最近被 Yahoo 收一筆 US$34 的 Domain Name 續約費, 實在非常不爽, 之前騙我買 Domain 的時候也才花 US$24 而己, 而且還有五年…

重點是買完 Domain 之後, 忘了帳號, 找不到客服電話, 也沒有辦法用其他帳號進去 Yahoo SmallBusiness 去處理, (一定要有 Domain 才可以使用線上客服)

後來還是請在 Yahoo 工作的朋友幫我找到 Yahoo SmallBusiness 的電話, 經由電話客服, 找到原來的帳號, 再將 Domain 轉出來.

原來我 Domain 是 Host 在 Godaddy.

然後 Godaddy 最近負面消息不斷
Godaddy Wants Your Root Passowrd
下面的Comment 還被人列舉了一堆

Judge for yourself. Here are some stories about GoDaddy on Slashdot, in order by date:
Go Daddy Usurps Network Solutions [] (2005-05-04)
GoDaddy Serves Blank Pages to Safari & Opera [] (2005-12-08) Dumps Linux for Microsoft [] (2006-03-23)
GoDaddy Holds Domains Hostage [] (2006-06-17)
GoDaddy Caves To Irish Legal Threat [] (2006-09-16)
MySpace and GoDaddy Shut Down Security Site [] (2007-01-26) That incident prompted this web site:
Exposing the Many Reasons Not to Trust GoDaddy with Your Domain Names [].
Alternative Registrars to GoDaddy? [] (2007-02-03)
GoDaddy Bobbles DST Changeover? [] (2007-03-11)
850K RegisterFly Domains Moved To GoDaddy [] (2007-05-29)
According to this March 11, 2008 story in Wired, GoDaddy shut down an entire web site of 250,000 pages because of one archived mailing list comment: GoDaddy Silences Police-Watchdog Site []. See below for Slashdot’s story about
GoDaddy Silences [] (2008-03-12)
ICANN Moves Against GoDaddy Domain Lockdowns [] (2008-04-08)
GoDaddy VP Caught Bidding Against Customers [] (2008-06-29)

看起來大家都不是很愛 Godaddy…

該是出走的時候啦 XD….

這次是換 namecheap, 看起來介面很簡潔, 速度也還不錯.  Transfer 進去看起來很方便.

如果大家有覺得不錯的 Domain Registeration, 記得通知一下…

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  1. 🙂 博主也有朋友在yahoo工作啊,这么巧,我也有个这样的朋友,搞不好是同一个呢,呵呵呵。

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