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10 Gigabit Media Independent Interface

XGMII : (Copy from Wikipedia)

two 32-bits datapaths (Rx & Tx)
two 4-bits control flows (Rxc & Txc)
operating at 156.25 MHz DDR (312.5 MT/s).


XAUI has the following characteristics:

  • Simple signal mapping to the XGMII
  • Independent transmit and receive data paths
  • Four lanes conveying the XGMII 32-bit data and control
  • Differential signaling with low voltage swing (1600 mV(p-p))
  • Self-timed interface allows jitter control to the PCS
  • Shared technology with other 10 Gbit/s interfaces
  • Shared functionality with other 10 Gbit/s Ethernet blocks
  • Utilization of 8b/10b encoding