GRUB 開機會停在 Load Ramdisk 的問題

背景是換新主機版之後, 偶爾開機的時候可以 Load 到 EFI 的 Loader, 看的到 GURB, 但是進去之後會停在 Load Ramdisk …..

主機版是 Z97-A-USB31
CPU 是 i7-5775C 內建的 GPU

現在看起來在 GRUB 開機時加上參數 nomodeset 就可以了.

網路上找來對 nomodeset 的說明

The newest kernels have moved the video mode setting into the kernel. 
So all the programming of the hardware specific clock rates and 
registers on the video card happen in the kernel rather than in 
the X driver when the X server starts.. This makes it possible 
to have high resolution nice looking splash (boot) screens and 
flicker free transitions from boot splash to login screen. 
Unfortunately, on some cards this doesn't work properly and you 
end up with a black screen. Adding the nomodeset parameter 
instructs the kernel to not load video drivers and use BIOS
 modes instead until X is loaded.

也就是說 modeset 已經搬到 kernel 了. 但是有時在 kernel 的 modeset 會有問題, 這就是告訴 kernel 用 grub 的設定, 直到 X 啟動


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