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Python 取得 PM2.5 和天氣資訊

最近終於將很久之前就說要架的室內 PM 2.5 偵測弄起來,上一版是用 Cacti 做的,但是有點過時了,這一版是用 Grafana + Prometheus 做的,看起來就漂亮多了


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QEMU Network Problem When Run With Docker

如果 Docker 和 QEMU 同時執行時,QEMU 內部透過 tap interface bridge 到 host network 的網路會出不去

這個問題的原因是 Docker 起來之後,會將 iptables 的 packet forward 預設變成 DROP

這時可以在 Docker 起來的時候將 bridge interface 加到 iptables 規則內即可,首先編輯 systemd docker service

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Install Kubernetes on ARM64 Ubuntu 18.04 (with QEMU)

Install Kubernetes on Ubuntu 18.04 is very easy now, but only for x86 platform. If on ARM64 environment, it might have some other problem.
Some old article mentioned a lot of information but software version is too old for deploy a new version software.

After a lot of time to have research, here is instruction for how to install Kubernetes on ARM64 Ubuntu 18.04

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Ubuntu 18.04 Change Mac Address on QEMU via Netplan

This is a quick note about how to modify mac address for qemu image with ubuntu 18.04 cloud image.

but I have not found a working way only change mac address in system

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Lexus NX300H BMW X3 VOLVO XC60 賞車後記


1. SUV 車系,考量到現有的停車位,最大車寬要 190CM 以下
2. 全速域主動跟車跟車道維持系統(一般有這個就有自動剎停)
3. 360 度環景
4. 抬頭顯示器
5. 預算 150~200 左右

我一開始只喜歡打算看 VOLVO XC60 ,畢竟戰車的印像深入人心

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This is personal note for dpdk pktgen.
now (2019/08), if wants to run dpdk pktgen, it cannot use ubuntu default dpdk packages, it needs to compile pktgen from source code.

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Ubuntu 18.04 ARM64 DPDK in VM (QEMU)

DPDK is a very popular infrastructure in high speed packet process domain, some applications will used the same architecture to process packet, like EPC.

For Ubuntu 18.04, it used dpdk 17.11, it not good for some other application like dpdk pktgen, but enough for testpmd and l3fwd test. here is some personal note for setup whole environment.

DPDK in QEMU archeticture
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Ubuntu Change Default Mac Address

Ubuntu used netplan as new network manager, but it’s different with previous version.

First create a new file /etc/systemd/network/



52:54:00:12:34:56 is old mac, and 52:54:00:12:34:58 is new mac .

Second, modify /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml, create match: and macaddress field , example

version: 2
dhcp4: true
macaddress: ’52:54:00:12:34:58′
set-name: eth0


Netplan not spoofing MAC as expected

Gentoo ARM64 Docker Image

There is a long time no article about gentoo on my blog.

Today, I have a whim to do a gentoo ARM64 docker image, so, we have this article.

Please understand that ARM64 Gentoo is experimental, and might be different after a while.

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QEMU Run x86_64 on ARM64 Server command

This is a work note for run x86_64 on ARM64 server .
Because they are different archeticture, so, run x86_64 on ARM server would be very slow.

and some functions might be different when run on different platform

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