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CentOS 其他


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FauxPilot local Copilot Server

FauxPiolt 是一個採用 SalesForce CodeGen 模型加上 Nvidia Triton Inference Server 的 Copilot server 取代品. 也就是說,不需要使用 github 的 copilot 的服務就可以使用 copilot 了

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Multi-socket is doomed

Brendan Gregg 在 2021 年的演講提到的 Multi-socket is doomed
他的理由是如果在 cloud 上擴展 CPU ,可以再加開 instance 就好,沒有必要一定要讓該機器的 CPU 數變多,因為跨 CPU 的存取的工程非常浩大,而且會有很多問題產生


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WordPress 6.0 更新日記


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Thinkpad KT-1255 Bluetooth Keyboard Replace Battery

I thought my battery was broken, but at least I found that’s a mistake, it’s bludtooth pairing issue.

For disassemble this keyboard, suggest to reference this video .

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Thinkpad KT-1255 Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing

I don’t know why press the power key over 3 seconds cannot make this keyboard enter pairing mode.
LED will flash quickly around 2 second then blinked

So there is another option can make it enter pairing mode, it’s keyboard’s NFC function

Unlock SmartPhone, and use SmartPhone NFC zone to touch the keyboard’s NFC zone (close to ThinkPad Logo),
then keyboard will enter pairing mode.

Ampere Altra Mt. Jade OpenBMC build guide on ARM64 platform

Ampere announce Altra CPU, it’s a 80 cores ARM64v8 CPU for cloud native workloads. Altra Max CPU is 128 cores. Follow the CPU, Ampere also has a CRB (customer reference board) named Mt. Jade, and Ampere also open source OpenBMC and EDKII source code for Mt. Jade platform.

This article is personal note, all information can be found from internet. And open source project keeps going, it might be some minor differences when you find this article.

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Sony Tablet Z4 Factory Reset

If you forgot pin or password, how to reset Sony Tablet Z4 to default ?

Almost google’s results are wrong because great or cleverly SEO technology.
Don’t waste time on google it.

Even Sony web FAQ cannot give this information

the answer is in Sony Z4 manual,

If you forget your screen unlock password, PIN or pattern, you can use the device repair
feature in Xperia™ Companion to erase the security layer. You need to provide your Google
account login details to perform this operation. By running the repair feature, you reinstall
software for your device and you may lose some personal data in the process.

1. download Xperia Companion
2. un-plug USB cable from Z4 to PC, and choice repair software
3. Following the step and it will finish reset whole system to factory default soon

But I don’t know how to reset to default without software.

Microsoft OneDriver 速度太慢

最近公司帳號 OneDriver 內的資料夾點進去很慢,有時要超過 30 秒才可以進去目錄
找過一個清除 OneDriver cache 方式,這方法對我無效

所以用了暴力法,uninstall 再 re-install

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