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ARM64 Kubernetes Qemu Metallb Linkerd Numa

Sometime I feelt hat k8s make me frustrated, Latest time I wrote this document is 4 years ago, that’s old version, but when I want to use k8s as container manager again, seems that something different and network won’t work, original document cannot work anymore, it needs to have new document to record that.

My hardware also different, if you don’t have such powerful machine, it can skip numa part, that’s only for high end ARM64 machine.
The hardware is Ampere Mt. Collins which has 2*Ampere Altra 80 Cores CPU and 8*32G Memory, my experiment is run different VM on different CPU, to seperate them and lock it on different numa node.

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ARM64 cannot output Linux kernel message to VGA

If you tried every way on output to Linux kernel, but nothing work. Probably that’s because SPCR(Serial Port Console Redirection Table), and this option default is enable.

Just disable it in your BIOS and add “console=tty0” to /etc/default/grub, then update grub.cfg. it will work.

In AMI BIOS, it should be in the Advanced->Serial Port Console Redirection->Console Redirection

Set it to [Disabled]

[RFC PATCH v2 0/3] Prefer working VT console over SPCR and device-tree chosen stdout-path

Proxmox V7 for ARM64 Support

In case I forget it, record it.

Unable to complete install: internal error: cannot load AppArmor profile libvirt

ARM64 系統 + Ubuntu 20.04 裝 virt-manager 碰到一些問題,第一關是碰到 libvirtd 被 mask 掉了,這個簡單

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Stable Diffusion webui CPU only on ARM64 Platform

Stable Diffusion webui is a web service based on Gradio library for Stable Diffusion. The installation process can automatically set up the environment and install Stable Diffusion, which can save a lot of time. However, it requires an NVIDIA or AMD GPU to install it. If you want to install Stable Diffusion WebUI without a GPU, some modifications are necessary.

Using a CPU to run Stable Diffusion can be painful, so this article is just for fun.

Platform is Ampere Altra Mt. Collins system with 2 Ampere Altra CPU, total 160 cores.
OS: ubuntu 22.04.02 LTS
Seems Stable Diffustion webui needs python 3.10, so, ubuntu 22.04 is good choice.

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Raspberry Pi Pico W + PicoOLED 2.23 + Arduino 顯示天氣預報降雨機率和空污指數



原來是我有二張 Arduino 的板子,本來也只是接來做溫度偵測,也沒有什麼用,想說接個小螢幕顯示一下天氣預報,但是這東西又不是很必要,就想想而已,就隨便找了一個看起來順眼的 SPI LCD 和 OLED (想說比較省電)就放到購物車了,上個月美國很多東西都特價,兩雙鞋子才 30 元美金,這塊 OLED 好像也才 15 上下,就被拿來湊運費了,沒想到我手上並沒有東西可以接

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Linux Kernel Install Fail Because Broadcom NetXtreme 100G DKMS Driver Build Failed.

Environment is CentOS 8, broadcom 100G NetXtreme-E series driver .
Host : Ampere Altra Platform

if rebuild the CentOS kernel and there was previous Broadcom nic driver alredy installed, it will trigger dkms to rebuild the driver on current kernel.

make install error as following

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Multi-socket is doomed

Brendan Gregg 在 2021 年的演講提到的 Multi-socket is doomed
他的理由是如果在 cloud 上擴展 CPU ,可以再加開 instance 就好,沒有必要一定要讓該機器的 CPU 數變多,因為跨 CPU 的存取的工程非常浩大,而且會有很多問題產生


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Ampere Altra Mt. Jade OpenBMC and EDKII build guide on ARM64 platform

Ampere announce Altra CPU, it’s a 80 cores ARM64v8 CPU for cloud native workloads. Altra Max CPU is 128 cores. Follow the CPU, Ampere also has a CRB (customer reference board) named Mt. Jade, and Ampere also open source OpenBMC and EDKII source code for Mt. Jade platform.

This article is personal note, all information can be found from internet. And open source project keeps going, it might be some minor differences when you find this article.

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Build Ampere CentOS Kernel

Personal Note

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