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自架 DNS 防成人內容

最簡單的是在路由器上設定 DNS ,畢竟誰都不喜歡在自己的手機電腦裝軟體吧

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DNS Query But Get Reply Code : Format Error

This is strange problem, when update BIND this time, suddenly, DNS query failed. I cannot find reason, I thought that should be NAT problem originally, because it cannot all other domains but Intranet domain, So, after capture packet to observe it. found root cause eventually , the DNS server replay me Format Error.

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Bind Zone Forward

如果有特定的 domain 要指向特定的 Server

這時候就要用 Zone Forward 指令


zone "subzone.mydns.example.com" {
  type forward;
  forwarders {; };


How to properly configure BIND forward zone for an internal DNS server?
DNS BIND zone clause

自幹 dyndns

之前好像免費的 dyndns 都收的差不多了, 好像很久沒有人提了.
今天心情還不錯, 就來架設自己的 dyndns.

[分享] 用 BIND 架設 DDNS Server 提供 DDNS 服務
動態 DNS 設定技巧
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Bind 9 Performance Test, Gentoo 奪冠

本期的 Gentoo Monthly Newsletter: 18 February 2008
ISC 針對 8 個平台(包含 Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Windows) 做的 DNS Query Test.

Gentoo 以 93,000/sec 次奪冠, 遠超過 Windows 平台 4 倍以上.
一般不會有這麼大量的 DNS Query 吧, 除非是攻擊.