[Gentoo] Apache 2.2 升級到 Apache 2.4 的問題.

除了要在 “/etc/portage/package.unmask” 加上


另外, 在 /etc/apache2/httpd.conf
LoadModule authn_core_module modules/mod_authn_core.so
LoadModule authz_core_module modules/mod_authz_core.so
LoadModule unixd_module modules/mod_unixd.so
LoadModule access_compat_module modules/mod_access_compat.so
LoadModule socache_shmcb_module modules/mod_socache_shmcb.so

從檔案 /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/00_default_vhost.conf 內移除
# Use name-based virtual hosting.
NameVirtualHost *:80

從檔案 /etc/apache2/modules.d/00_mod_mime.conf 內移除
# DefaultType: the default MIME type the server will use for a document
# if it cannot otherwise determine one, such as from filename extensions.
# If your server contains mostly text or HTML documents, “text/plain” is
# a good value. If most of your content is binary, such as applications
# or images, you may want to use “application/octet-stream” instead to
# keep browsers from trying to display binary files as though they are
# text.
DefaultType text/plain

修改檔案, /etc/apache2/modules.d/40_mod_ssl.conf
#SSLMutex file:/var/run/ssl_mutex
Mutex sysvsem default

Ref Bug 410607

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