Linkerd2 for ARM64

There is no regular ARM64 support for Linkerd2 now.

So, I built one for test.
All necessary packages will be downloaded from my private account. not from regular linkerd2 repository.

Linkerd2 version is master version between v2.6.0 and next version
emojivoto version is v9 (master version)

First, download Linkerd2 binary for ARM64 from my github website.
There are some binary files in release directory, please ignore them, just for compile source code only.

git clone
cd linkerd2-arm64/

Install Linkerd2 for ARM64

kubectl apply -f arm64.yml

It can also install Linkerd2 demo app emojivoto, yes, it doesn’t support ARM64, so, I ported it for ARM64 platform.

kubectl apply -f emojivoto.yml

Check whether it running on your system .

Now, it can follow linkerd Getting Started to test linkerd2 on ARM64 platform.

Support for ARM based architectures?

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