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CentOS8 ARM64/AARCH64 Install Docker

It’s not complex to install docker on ARM64 platform and make it work, but it needs a trick

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Kubernetes install nginx-ingress on ARM64

It’s easy. it needs to install helm first and just run following command

helm install \
    --name nginx-ingress stable/nginx-ingress \
    --namespace ingress-nginx \
    --set rbac.create=true \
    --set controller.image.repository="" \
    --set defaultBackend.image.repository=""


Linkerd2 for ARM64

There is no regular ARM64 support for Linkerd2 now.

So, I built one for test.
All necessary packages will be downloaded from my private account. not from regular linkerd2 repository.

Linkerd2 version is master version between v2.6.0 and next version
emojivoto version is v9 (master version)

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ARM64 Kubernetes Nginx Traefik Ingress Load Balance

My original target purpose is very simple, build deploy several webserver and assigned a external ip for internet to access it.

Most kubernetes newbie install guide won’t mention how to do that. actually that’s very simple, for external ip, it needs a load balance controller like metallb for create a external ip address to access web server. and an Ingress contoller like Traefik for http/https route to right pods .

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Install Kubernetes on ARM64 Ubuntu 18.04 (with QEMU)

Install Kubernetes on Ubuntu 18.04 is very easy now, but only for x86 platform. If on ARM64 environment, it might have some other problem.
Some old article mentioned a lot of information but software version is too old for deploy a new version software.

After a lot of time to have research, here is instruction for how to install Kubernetes on ARM64 Ubuntu 18.04

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Change Ubuntu Cloud Image Size

Ubuntu Cloud Image Size 似乎各個版本的特性不太一樣, 而且似乎也要用不同的方式修改 Image size

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unsupported configuration: CPU mode ‘host-model’ for aarch64 kvm domain on aarch64 host is not supported by hypervisor

應該改 nova.conf
將 [libvirt] 內的
cpu_mode 改成 host-passthrough

應該只有影響 ocata

OpenStack KVM

[ocata] unsupported configuration: CPU mode ‘host-model’ for aarch64 kvm domain on aarch64 host is not supported by hypervisor

aarch64: set default cpu_mode to host-passthrough

Ubuntu Cloud Image Taiwan Mirror Site

每次都找不到, 備份一下

ARM64 Hugepage(HugeTLB) Size

ARM64 and x86 hugepage size are different.

Debian/Ubuntu ARM64 kernel (4KB Pagesize)
Hugepage size is 2MB/1GB

64KB Pagesize, hugepage is 512MB.

2MB : (has PSE cpuinfo flag)
1GB : (has PDPE1GB cpuinfo flag)

different configuration has different setting


QEMU Share Directory with Host Without Networking

If Guest Support 9P and virtio.

Add this line to QEMU command

-virtfs local,path=/path/to/share,mount_tag=host0,security_model=passthrough,id=host0

and in guest os, edit /etc/fstab and add

host0   /wherever    9p      trans=virtio,version=9p2000.L   0 0