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Multi-socket is doomed

Brendan Gregg 在 2021 年的演講提到的 Multi-socket is doomed
他的理由是如果在 cloud 上擴展 CPU ,可以再加開 instance 就好,沒有必要一定要讓該機器的 CPU 數變多,因為跨 CPU 的存取的工程非常浩大,而且會有很多問題產生


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Ampere Altra Mt. Jade OpenBMC build guide on ARM64 platform

Ampere announce Altra CPU, it’s a 80 cores ARM64v8 CPU for cloud native workloads. Altra Max CPU is 128 cores. Follow the CPU, Ampere also has a CRB (customer reference board) named Mt. Jade, and Ampere also open source OpenBMC and EDKII source code for Mt. Jade platform.

This article is personal note, all information can be found from internet. And open source project keeps going, it might be some minor differences when you find this article.

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Microsoft OneDriver 速度太慢

最近公司帳號 OneDriver 內的資料夾點進去很慢,有時要超過 30 秒才可以進去目錄
找過一個清除 OneDriver cache 方式,這方法對我無效

所以用了暴力法,uninstall 再 re-install

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OpenVPN Client Re-connect Problem When IP Changed

OpenVPN 是透過 PPPoE 上網時,因為固定時間 IP 會變化,此時 OpenVPN 預設的 client 會因為斷線而無法重新連上,而且設了 maximum connection 之類的參數也沒有用

這時候就要拿掉 persist-tun 這個參數,將該行 Mark 起來就好

; persist-tun

OpenVPN reconnect fails, manual restart works

Build Ampere CentOS Kernel

Personal Note

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Build Linux kernel 5.x on CentOS 7

This article’s procedure was tested in Ampere Altra CPU platform, but suppose that x86 system also can use this procedure.

CentOS 7’s gcc is too old to compile Linux kernel 5.x, and it can use another package named “software collections(SCL)” to install newer gcc to build Linux kernel.

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本篇是筆記文, 記一下 tmux 的特別用法

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ARM64 Linux Performance Tuning

This is personal notebook for ARM64 performance tuning.

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