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Ubuntu/Fedora PXE Boot

Before setting up Ubuntu/Fedora PXE boot, it needs to prepare several items on your PXE server:

  • * The Ubuntu/Fedora rootfs on tftp/nfs server:
    It can refer to the my article MIPS/ARM64 Debian/Ubuntu debootstrap for building the Ubuntu rootfs.
    If want to build the Fedora rootfs, it can install a new system on qemu and copy it from the qcow2 image.
  • NFS Server:
    Assume the rootfs for Ubuntu is on /nfs/ubuntu2204 and Fedora 36 is on /nfs/fedora36.
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Unable to complete install: internal error: cannot load AppArmor profile libvirt

ARM64 系統 + Ubuntu 20.04 裝 virt-manager 碰到一些問題,第一關是碰到 libvirtd 被 mask 掉了,這個簡單

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Stable Diffusion webui CPU only on ARM64 Platform

Stable Diffusion webui is a web service based on Gradio library for Stable Diffusion. The installation process can automatically set up the environment and install Stable Diffusion, which can save a lot of time. However, it requires an NVIDIA or AMD GPU to install it. If you want to install Stable Diffusion WebUI without a GPU, some modifications are necessary.

Using a CPU to run Stable Diffusion can be painful, so this article is just for fun.

Platform is Ampere Altra Mt. Collins system with 2 Ampere Altra CPU, total 160 cores.
OS: ubuntu 22.04.02 LTS
Seems Stable Diffustion webui needs python 3.10, so, ubuntu 22.04 is good choice.

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Raspberry Pi Pico W + PicoOLED 2.23 + Arduino 顯示天氣預報降雨機率和空污指數



原來是我有二張 Arduino 的板子,本來也只是接來做溫度偵測,也沒有什麼用,想說接個小螢幕顯示一下天氣預報,但是這東西又不是很必要,就想想而已,就隨便找了一個看起來順眼的 SPI LCD 和 OLED (想說比較省電)就放到購物車了,上個月美國很多東西都特價,兩雙鞋子才 30 元美金,這塊 OLED 好像也才 15 上下,就被拿來湊運費了,沒想到我手上並沒有東西可以接

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Build CentOS 8 Kernel from Source on ARM64 Platform

Due to CentOS website document cannot provide a simple instruction to build CentOS 8 stream with some easy steps. So, I make a note to record these procedures about how to build it.

Detail description and instruction, please refer to CentOS document, but if you have read the document and still don’t know how to do that, it can follow my instruction to build the kernel from CentOS 8 kernel source.

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Kubuntu Left Mouse Button Suddenly Stopped Working

It’s a strange problem, after login kubuntu/ubuntu system, after a while, the mouse click won’t work anymore suddenly. but it still can move. original post is for ubuntu 18.04, but it’s also work on my ubuntu 22.04

How to solve it temporary ? reload the psmouse driver

sudo modprobe -r psmouse

Suppose the ACPI driver or UEFI cause this issue, but not easy to find it out.

[SOLUTION] Left mouse button suddenly stopped working on Ubuntu 18.04

FF14 中華電信 LAG 問題

看到有人說改 MTU 可以解決 FF14 FFXIV 的延遲問題,【心得】中華電信FF14晚間卡頓解決方式

猜測原理應該藉由中華電信內部設定會讓小封包先通行的設定,達到穩定 ping 值的目地

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Facebook 擋廣告

只有 Desktop 加上 Chrome/Edge 可以用
ublock origin 擋,還可以順便擋 Youtube 的廣告

加上自定的設定[id^=hyperfeed_story_id_]:has(span[data-ft="{\"tn\":\"j\"}"]) .pagelet:has(a:has-text(Sponsored)) .pagelet:has(a:has-text(Create ad))

先裝 Tampermonkey
再利用 Tampermonkey 安裝這個腳本(script) FB 贊助之殺手 (FB Sponsored Killer)

回來用 uBlock Origin 擋 Facebook 廣告

multichase on Centos 8 Compile Issue

muttichase is a google open source tool which can run latency, bandwidth and loader-latency tool,
it can support both x86 and ARM64 platforms.
but it will have compile error on CentOS 8

root cause is this package needs static lib support, but regular CentOS doesn’t have it.

# make                                                                             cc -g -O3 -static -pthread  multichase.o permutation.o arena.o util.o  -lrt -lm -o multichase
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lrt                                                                                 /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lm                                                                                  /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lpthread
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lc                                                                                  collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status                                                                    make: *** [<builtin>: multichase] Error 1
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幫 NVME SSD 穿衣服


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