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QEMU Run x86_64/AMD64 VM on ARM64/AARCH64

This is a work note for run x86_64/AM64 on ARM64/AARCH64 server .
Because they are different archeticture, so, run x86_64 on ARM server would be very slow.

and some functions might be different when run on different platform

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Kdump in ubuntu 18.04 ARM64

kdump is very good tool to debug complex system like cloud data center, it can easy to save kernel status when crash.
Running kdump in ARM64 just like running in x86, but I met a strange problem on ARM64 platform.

The kernel version is HWE kernel, current version is 4.18.0-25, mihbt be encounter those problems

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ARM64 Kdump cannot allocate crashkernel

In ARM64 server and installed memory around 128G, ubuntu default /etc/default/grub.d/kdump-tools.cfg default configuration might cause kdump allocate memory failed. error message as below

[ 0.000000] cannot allocate crashkernel (size:0x80000000)
[ 0.000000] Kernel command line: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-4.18.0-25-generic root=UUID=ee8be10d-d649-425d-a807-640751836186 ro console=tty0 crashkernel=2G-4G:320M,4G-32G:512M,32G-64G:1024M,64G-128G:2048M,128G-:4096M

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Kubuntu執行GTK 程式的怪問題+gcin改dayi三碼表

這個故事有點長,先講結論好了, hime 似乎會影響某些 GTK 程式運作

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Ubuntu PPPoE Server 架設

網路上找到的範例都有缺, 主要是缺 pppoe kernel module 的部份, 也不會很難, 在 Ubuntu 18.04 下需要上個 patch 修掉 compile bug.

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Ubuntu Build Original Linux Kernel


不要再用什麼 fakeroot 去編了, 失敗率超高, 尤其是在 ARM 平台
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Change Ubuntu Cloud Image Password

Ubuntu cloud image is very good for deploy a simple qemu image system.
But the image has it owns password and initial script.

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NetworkManager inactive

最近發生一件怪事, VM suspend 當掉之後, networkmanager 顯示 inactive
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Ubuntu Create Netboot Image

剛好工作上有需要用到在 Ubuntu 做一個新的 netboot image, 這樣就不用等 Canonical release 新版的 netboot image.

我用的是 Ubuntu 17.04, 如果要在別的版本上執行, 會有一點差異
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常用 Ubuntu 指令

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